JVA designs and manufactures in Queensland, Australia.

JVA Fault Finder Tip # 1. The difference between Voltage and Current.

Electricity can be compared to water: To move water along pipes we need to push it with a pump which creates pressure. To move electrical current (Amps) along a wire we need to push it with an energiser to produce electrical pressure (Volts). If you had a large leak in a water pipe there would be a flow of water from the pump which produces the pressure to the leak. A short circuit in an electric fence is like a water leak. By following the current (Amps) flow the JVA Fault Finder will lead directly to the fault

JVA is proud to announce that we will be an exhibitor at the upcoming Farm Fantastic in Caboolture!
We will be displaying a range of our IP Electric Fence Energisers, featuring our newly released Electric Fence Station!
Whether you are looking for strip grazers or a monitored exclusion fence, we have a solution from you!

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Keep your Electric Fence Fault Finder protected and ever-ready with JVA’s Fault Finder Carry Pouch. Two pockets provide storage space for Fault Finder and an additional item such as ‘short-out leads’ or a mobile phone. One pocket has a Velcro tab for quick release of your Fault Finder. The second pocket has a zip for more secure storage. The high-quality material gives your Fault Finder additional protection from the elements, bumps and scratches. The belt tab and carabineer keep the Fault Finder on hand for convenient and ready access.

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Established in 2007, JVA is an Australian based multinational company whose focus is on delivering clever, high quality Electric Fencing products by leveraging our many years of marketing, design and manufacturing experience. Our aim is to deliver great value products backed by local service.

JVA’s range of Electric Fence Energisers are designed by Australian Engineers based in Narangba, Queensland. Years of design and research have gone into making these as powerful, safe and reliable as possible. The functionality of our Energisers is expandable through the addition of TCP/IP, GSM and other monitoring solutions.
If customers ever need help with any of our products they can call and speak directly to the team of engineers that designed it. Now that is support!
At JVA Technologies, we provide the following Products and services to our clients:

  • Mains Energisers
  • Mains/Battery Energisers
  • Portable and Rechargeable Energisers
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Electrified fences offer a less expensive and more effective method of animal control. They are lighter, faster and less expensive to erect, yet because the animals do not like to touch the fence they can be very long lasting. Many farmers have also realized the benefits of improved pasture management by using Strip Grazing fencing or Cell Grazing techniques. Electric Fences for cattle, horses and sheep have been used since the 1960's. They are safe and effective, for example using electric horse fencing reduces the risk of injury when compared to barbed wire. Modern energisers are also very reliable and although they generate up to 10,000V, they are inexpensive to run, drawing less electricity than a single 100W light bulb. There are three basic power options; mains electric powered energisers, 12V dc battery powered energisers and solar powered. The JVA MB range can be powered from mains, battery or solar. Solar Electric Fencing is the best method of providing power to fences in remote areas. It also allows the energiser to be situated in the middle of the fence which improves the performance compared to powering from one end of a long fence.

Monitored Electric Fencing

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Would you like to be able to control your electric fence from your smart phone? Over the years we have had many requests from farmers to allow them to get an alarm on their smart phone if their electric fence develops a fault. We can now offer two methods to achieve this. As a result we are transforming ordinary electrified fences into monitored electric fences. The JVA IP Energizer® connects via an inbuilt Wi-Fi module to your home Wi-Fi network. Download and use our free IP Energiser Controller App for Android or Apple smart phones to control and monitor the energiser. The IP Energizer App will alert you on alarm or change of fence condition. See Introduction to the IP Energizer® For more complex fences and perimeter security, the JVA Cloud Router™ connects the energisers to the Cloud using one of our gateways. Wi-Fi and 3G gateways are currently available. See Introduction to Cloud Router.

electric fence fault finder

Not just any Electric Fence Voltmeter, JVA’s Fault Finder is a directional Fault Finder. With a large clear display the Fault Finder displays peak voltage, peak current and the direction to a fault on all electric fences, irrespective of the Energiser.

The JVA Fault Finder needs no earth connection as it uses the capacitance of the user’s hand, meaning there are no wires to get tangled or break. Made by Pakton, the original makers of the ‘Power Probe’, the Fault Finder features a micro processor and surface mount technologies to make it the easiest to use and the most effective fence fault finding device.